I have been and still am working through quite a bit of tutorials and courses to improve my skills - here are a few that I recommend.

  • Proko - Figure Drawing, Portrait, Anatomy
  • Schoolism - Wide variety of courses, either with feedback or as a subscription
  • New Masters Academy - Subscription based courses for traditional media
  • Ctrl+Paint - Digital Painting, starting from the very basics
  • Glenn Vilppu - Figure Drawing, Gesture
  • Scott Robertson - Digital Painting, Concept Art, Design
  • Feng Zhu Design - Digital Painting, Concept Art, Design
  • Sycra - Digital Painting, Carricature, Anatomy, Stylisation
  • David Revoy - Digital Painting, Open Source Software, Illustration


Here are the programs I use when working digitally. All of them are open source and available free of charge.

  • GIMP - One of my favourites, there's not a lot you can not do with it.
  • MyPaint - A simple yet versatile tool for digital painting
  • Krita - My favourite program for drawing/painting digitally
  • Blender - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Inkscape - Vector drawing tool
  • Xara Xtreme - Another great vector and design tool
  • Alchemy - Drawing program with great randomizing effects, perfect for ideation


Artist friends, art buddies, teachers and other awesome people.


Other people's work I used on this website