Philipp Höhnel




A Christmas Carol Freya the Incineratrix XBox 360 Controller Space Freighter Froggy Unbeatable Logitech G502 Still Life Mountain Landscape

The Art of acrazymind

Welcome to my portfolio website. My name is Philipp Höhnel and I'm a freelance artist, illustrator and designer.

spacer To Foreign Lands
To Foreign Lands
spacer Froggy Unbeatable
Froggy Unbeatable
spacer Freya the Incineratrix
Freya the Incineratrix
spacer Lighting Study
Lighting Study
spacer Oslo in Winter
Oslo in Winter
spacer Urbino Sunshine
Urbino Sunshine
spacer The Spiderkid
The Spiderkid
spacer XBox 360 Controller
XBox 360 Controller
spacer Logitech G502
Logitech G502
spacer Still Life
Still Life
spacer A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
spacer A Chritsmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
spacer Mountain Landscape
Mountain Landscape
spacer Nighttime Blues
Nighttime Blues
spacer Princess Veronique
Princess Veronique
spacer Scent Of A Carrot
Scent Of A Carrot
spacer Watching Over
Watching Over
spacer Kaki Still Life
Kaki Still Life
spacer Veggie Still Life
Veggie Still Life
spacer True Communism
True Communism
spacer Skull + Candle
Skull + Candle
spacer Costume Sketches
Costume Sketches
spacer Swiss Army Knife
Swiss Army Knife
spacer Still Life
Still Life
spacer Pumpkin + Cucumber
Pumpkin + Cucumber
spacer Onions + Mushrooms
Onions + Mushrooms
spacer Citric
spacer Raiders Film Study
Raiders Film Study
spacer Pinup Lineart
Pinup Lineart
spacer Cup + Spoon
Cup + Spoon
spacer The Last Oreo
The Last Oreo
spacer Skull Illustration
Skull Illustration
spacer Glass Refraction
Glass Refraction
spacer Leatherman
spacer Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
spacer Banana Banana
Banana Banana
spacer Banana + Bottle
Banana + Bottle
spacer Sherman Tank
Sherman Tank
spacer Panhard 178
Panhard 178
spacer Panhard 178
Panhard 178
spacer Space Freighter
Space Freighter
spacer Space Freighter
Space Freighter
spacer Interior
spacer Locomotive Mechanic
Locomotive Mechanic
spacer Camera Construction
Camera Construction
spacer Nude in Ink
Nude in Ink
spacer Figure Study
Figure Study
spacer Anatomy Sketch
Anatomy Sketch
spacer Gesture Sketches
Gesture Sketches
spacer Moliceiro
spacer Wright Model A
Wright Model A
spacer Tram
spacer Stenygra Conspicua
Stenygra Conspicua
spacer Clock Towers
Clock Towers
spacer Viscum Crutiatum
Viscum Crutiatum
spacer Skull Sketch
Skull Sketch
spacer Figure Drawing
Figure Drawing
spacer Skeleton Study
Skeleton Study
spacer Muscle Study
Muscle Study
spacer Anatomy Study
Anatomy Study